How can I market my business’s good service?

In itself good service is a “hygiene” factor; put differently it is what a prospective client expects of business.  In South Africa, however, it can be a distinctive benefit, as the overall level of service delivery is not up to standard.

It is important to remember, however, that a client is interested first of all in the product or service that you offer. Your level of service delivery can actually determine whether the client will clinch a transaction with you or not.

It is also difficult to tell people about the good service that your business delivers; they first have to experience it and this happens only when they do business with you. It is somewhat of a “chicken and egg” effect – what comes first?

There are a few practical ways to market good service without making it “cheap”.

  1. Client feedback: Get clients’ permission to publish their written feedback on your website.  In this way you make it easy for a prospective client to hear other clients’ experiences straight from the proverbial “horse’s mouth”.  Publish it under a heading, “Client Feedback”.
  2. Give a practical experience: Receive and service clients in your shop, office or by telephone in such a professional way that their initial and ongoing experience is that of outstanding service. Each client interaction is a golden opportunity to put your excellent service into practice.
  3. Positive references: Apart from satisfied clients giving written feedback about good service delivery, also request and encourage them to tell other people about your business’s excellent service.

Good service must therefore first be experienced before your client can talk about it and you can use it as a distinguishing feature in your marketing elements.

Article written by Jannie Rossouw, Head: Sanlam Business Market

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