How to improve your small business

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Running a successful business whether it is a small or big business requires you to put a lot of work and time into growing it. More so when your business is still starting out there are times when it will seem as if your business is not moving forward which might leave you feeling discouraged.

However, you aren’t alone many small-scale businesses have a few problems which make it seem as if your business is stuck in the same place and not making any progress.

Those problems could be not retaining customers, not reaching the desired profit within a certain time frame. But these things are normal and every business owner feels that way in the beginning and there is a way around it. Below are some tips on how you can improve your business.

Have a good business plan

One of the first steps in improving your business is by having a business plan. A good business plan can improve your business in many ways, firstly it can help you prioritise and identify your main business functions.

This is very important, especially when growing your business. Often times the small fundamental things of your business might slip to the back of your mind and that's why a business plan is so important, to look back and prioritise.

When planning to improve your business and get financing a good business plan can be helpful in obtaining small business finance as it shows how serious you are about your business. Getting approved for finance for your business can be difficult at times however this is one step closer to getting pre-selected.

Create a strong presence in the digital landscape

The next step would be to ensure that your presence online is strong enough to attract potential customers. Many of your customers and potential customers spend a large amount of their time online and it’s in your company’s best interest to utilise this as much as possible.

Make sure your website functions effectively and has all the necessary information to ensure your customer has a great customer experience on your site. A customer really appreciates having all the information they need about your brand or product at the tip of their fingers. There are many ways in which you can make sure your website runs efficiently for your customers.

Also, make sure that you cater to all your customers and make it easily accessible. Having an online footprint will not only bring in customers but it can make it easier for your business to attract angel investors which could come up with more business funding that can grow your business.

Encourage your staff

In order for your business to develop within the industry, you need to have staff that are motivated. As a business owner, you should always find new ways to keep your staff motivated and it’s important that you remain consistent in that. You can encourage your staff by being more involved in their day to day tasks without it seeming like you’re micromanaging them.

You can also create functions and team building where your staff can relax and enjoy themselves. This a great way for them to see your company as a place they want to work in every day. Being rude and dismissive won’t help keep your employees happy at all and when you’re staff is unmotivated they won’t work to their best ability which will cause a loss for your business

Invest in equipment

In order for your business to improve and expand you need to invest in equipment which will assist your business to run fast and efficiently. For example, if your business involves transportation make sure you have reliable cars that won’t cause any hassles.

It’s understandable that your cash flow may be low and you can’t afford certain things but you can apply for vehicle and asset finance which you can repay in monthly instalments. There are plenty of registered credit providers who can offer your business finance solutions. Having the right equipment and assets could make a huge impact on your business and your customers will appreciate working with a business that is effective and efficient.

Listen to your customers

One thing you should always do is listen to your customers. Yes, there will be times when they complain about everything but they’re your target market and your job is to meet their specific needs. Your customers are exactly what you need to improve your business so make sure you listen to their complaints and address them efficiently.

Take note of complaints which keep on recurring that will give you an idea of where the issue may lie. Customers love to have the last say, so listening and respecting your customers will ensure that they keep coming back. More importantly, they will also refer you to their friends and family to bring you new potential clients which is exactly what you need.


The content in this article was provided by Rogerwilco – a South African marketing agency based in Cape Town.

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