Tips for hiring your first staff members

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When you run your own small business you often try to take on all the tasks by yourself. You want to stay as connected as you can to all things relating to the business. But at some point you may find yourself needing to hire one or two extra pairs of hands.

Deciding who to bring in to help you with the running of your business is never an easy thing to do. How do you know you can trust them to get the job done? Will they be able to handle suppliers and/or clients without risking business relationships?

Well, if you’re thinking about expanding your workforce, here are a few tips to consider.

How consistent is their work history?

It’s not always about what industries they’ve worked in or what positions they’ve held. Sometimes, it’s more about the length of time they’ve worked for previous employers. When you’re hiring your first staff members you don’t want them to be short-term employees. So, it’s good to look for people who have been loyal to their previous employers.

Are they willing to grow with the business?

People with a specific set of skills may occasionally want to stick to their particular area of expertise. And, while you may want to hire a professional with a definite focus, it’s important for employees of small businesses to be willing to help out with other aspects of the business. When you interview a candidate, try to determine whether they’d be happy to be involved in different areas as well as perform any ad hoc tasks. 

Would they put the business first?

Yes, ambition is something you should look for in a potential employee. But you also want someone who is going to put the success of the business above their own personal interests. Are they willing to give up the glory in order for the company to gain some positive attention? Will they insist on constant accolades to keep motivated? Or are they willing to do what it takes just to improve the business as a whole?

Are they willing to work that little bit extra?

While employees at big corporates may work their 9-5 hours and leave the job at the office, small business employees may occasionally need to put in a little more elbow grease. Employees don’t have to be obsessive workaholics, but they should be willing to work a little later when the business is relying on them. Work/life balance is important, but you need to know that you can count on this person when it matters most.  

Hiring your first few staff members is a daunting task. You need to choose the right people for the job as well as the company as the whole. Keep these tips in mind when looking at potential employees and they’ll help you make the right decision.


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