“Quick success” is possible

Content provided by a guest contributor.

Although this ideal situation of “quick success” doesn’t usually work out in life, there are some incredible stories. I have had the fortunate opportunity over time to meet these mercurial individuals who have shared with me what it took them to have “quick success”. 

What is important to know, is that in almost all of my interviews, 80% of the points stated below were common amongst everyone. Let’s take a look at how some small business owners have achieved “instant or quicker success” over those who have given up and failed, or taken a great deal longer than ever expected:

  1. They’ve given more thought to planning their business before starting out.
  2. They have more investment capital of their own and have been less reliant on borrowings.
  3. They have business knowledge, experience and interest in the business they ventured into.
  4. They have a product or service which appeals to their customer base. Their customers love what they do and are willing to pay for the product or service.
  5. They are willing to put in never ending hours of work themselves.
  6. They learn from the pitfalls of others and get the best advice from the right people.
  7. They act quickly and change direction when something doesn’t work in their business.
  8. They demand excellence from themselves and take responsibility irrespective of what happens.
  9. They are positive about themselves and others.
  10. They don’t throw in the towel – they just keep going.

Most businesses do take time for success. Many people give up when there’s no immediate success and the “Business Ownership Honeymoon” ends after a few months. They’ve only heard about the “instant success” ones and weren’t prepared for the unexpected challenges and the price one needs to pay.

Yes, we all hear about these mega-entrepreneurs and the wow success stories attached to them. What you don’t hear are the horror stories. Many of these tycoons have being bankrupt more than once and many up to seven times. What does stand out is that they never give up. Failure has never been an option.

If succeeding as an entrepreneur is really important to you and succeeding quicker than the norm, then never stop learning and acting on what it takes to reach the top of your game – Follow the principles and never surrender.


The content in this article was provided by Mike Anderson – a passionate entrepreneur focused entirely on helping small business owners to stay in business and achieve beyond the norm. This he does as founder and CEO of the National Small Business Chamber (NSBC).

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