3i's Group

3i’s is a reinvention agency helping clients reinvent their leadership, team, business and client impact. They are known for:

  • Business Reinvention
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship

They ignite possibility through:

  • Business Reinvention: Reinvent yourself, reinvent your business.
  • Innovation: Ignite possibility and energy by unleashing innovation capability.
  • Entrepreneurship: FutureFit - world first in person centered entrepreneurship development.
  • High Performance Team Coaching: Unleash your team potential and capability.
  • Executive Coaching: Amplify your executive reach and impact.
  • Culture Transformation: Craft an environment where people and business thrive!


For more information, contact:

Website: http://3isgroup.co.za/

Email: gary@3isgroup.co.za

Tel: +27 83 700 2691

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