5 lessons for wealth and happiness

Content provided by a guest contributor.

The lessons in this article are based on the work of Anthony Robbins who has written many books on personal achievement. He believes that you will get from life what you ask of it. So if your requests are small and limited so will your successes and rewards be.

Lesson 1: learn how to handle frustation

Why is this so important? Because frustration can kill dreams. We can allow it to erode our inner power and confidence and allow it to make us feel helpless or negative. Robbins believes that the worst thing frustration can do is to destroy our self discipline. When we allow this to happen we are giving away all our power to manifest what we want in our life. Furthermore he says that we get paid to handle frustration. The people who are successful are those who have learnt to handle frustration, time and time again.

Lesson 2: learn to handle rejection

The reality is that there are many “no’s” in life before there is a “yes”. So the key point is not to take rejection personally. Move on and try again: persist or try in a different way. When we take it personally we are allowing ourself to be influneced by our fear eg fear of not being good enough, fear of failure, fear of what others would say, etc. Robbins has a very cute way of putting it: “Success is buried on the other side of rejection”.

Lesson 3: learn to handle financial pressure

The underlying aspect here is to learn how to earn, how to save and how to give. If you want a very practical way of knowing how to develop a simple but highly workable philosophy around your finances read the little book The Richest Man in Babylon by George s Clason. No matter how much money you have or do not have, it is crucial to know who to handle financial pressure as this can make you greedy, paranoic, envious and you can lose friends in the process.

Lesson 4: learn how to handle complacency

It is so easy when you reach a certain level to sit back and become comfortable. What happens then? We stop growing. Bob Dylan said: “He who isn’t busy being born is busy dying”. Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s said: “when you are green you are growing, when you ripen you rot!” See yourself as as a work-in-progress and keep on learning.

Lesson 5: always give more than you expect to receive

When we learn to give we are learning to invite movement into our lives. We often err by thinking we need to take care of ourselves first and then we will give. Life doesn’t work this way. Start to give and give without keeping score of how much you are giving.

Our focus needs to be on others as opposed to just on ourselves. It is not about keeping score – but rather about being of service to others and taking the first step. When we give with an open heart we will receive back tenfold at a time when we least expect it.

Let’s try the 5 lessons and see what life brings us!

The content in this article was provided by Linda Germishuizen - Clinical and Industrial Psychologist, and founder of PsychMastery.

About PsychMastery:

I founded PsychMastery because I understand that being human can be quite a daunting journey. We  live in a world that is changing rapidly. As a result the demands on us are significant. Without even realising it you can find yourself on a path that is so far removed from who you truly are. Or where you want to be. Unless you are aware of what is happening to you, the demands of life may dictate where you will end up. And when you wake up to the reality, years have passed by.

I observe how disconnected people are or feel. Either they are caught up on this ever moving treadmill coping in unhelpful ways. Or they are questioning whether this is what life is about. So many people seem to have lost touch with the essence of who they are beneath all the masks and defenses.

PsychMastery enables you to reconnect with the essence of who you are. I also help you to bring deeper meaning back into your life through the use of sacred ceremony. In this way, you will feel that there is divine presence guiding you. You will also feel a greater degree of community with the important people in your life.

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