6 reasons why you should train your staff

Content provided by a guest contributor.

thinking.jpgShould you only hire people who already have the skills and qualifications needed for the job or should you be investing in the staff you do have? We would argue for the latter.

In fact, here are six reasons why we say you should train your staff.

1. Enhance employee skills

By training your staff you build on your resources. You will have employees with new and improved skills which means better quality of work. You will see business goals being met and productivity improve.

2. Less need for supervision

Untrained and under-qualified employees need to be constantly supervised, which takes time and effort from your more senior staff. Those hours could be put to more productive use if you train your employees so they become more skilled and independent.

3. Higher staff retention

Rather than suffer a high turnover rate, it is better to train and retrain your employees. When you upskill your employees they know you are committed to developing their skills and therefore tend to stick around longer and contribute more. This is preferable to having to continuously hire new employees and show them the ropes, which is expensive, time consuming and not without its risks.

4. An alternative reward for employees

Sometimes it happens that you want to acknowledge the value of your employees but for whatever reason you can’t do so with a pay raise at the time. However, giving them a chance to acquire new skills can sometimes be as good as a salary bump.

We’re not saying you should train your employees to avoid ever giving them a salary bump, but you can show your appreciation and trust in their abilities with further training.

5. Upskilling your staff is good for morale

Upskilling your staff rather than seeking skills from the outside sends a positive message to your staff. It tells them you are committed to their development and that there space for them to grow. It is motivating and good for company culture, which is good for the overall success of a business.

6. Enhance company image

Investing in your employees doesn’t just affect how those employees view you. Training your staff sends a positive message to both prospective employees and clients. PR and reputation is important in business so you want to make sure the world knows just how inspiring and productive your work environment is.

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