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Small business owners are taught to not spend their money unless absolutely necessary. In fact, bootstrapping your business is often considered the best way to ensure success. This concept is often challenged when businesses are faced with whether or not to set up a website.

In today’s marketplace technology is king. You have to be online, the pace is too fast and you can be certain your competitors are mostly online too. Many small businesses focus their energies on social media to market their value proposition and yet the truly interested, potential customer requires a website presence. The better your website, the better your domain name and the more confident your customer will feel about using your services or buying your products. But this will cost you.

Pony up to appear the premium option

There are free services out there that might seem to be the ideal option. However, the free services are simple and often times they are too simple. Your average customer doesn’t need to be clued up on web development or site management in order to spot a “freebie”. By using a reputable hosting service in South Africa you’re assured a quality service, outstanding looking website and the use of a Virtual Private Server (VPS) which offers you data security.

The ins and outs of hosting services

Hosting services usually offer you a fully comprehensive set of value-added services. They’ll help you register your domain name and attached email address (this is far more professional than using an email address of a generic freemail account) for a small price. They’ll also offer security in the form of VPS or cloud services and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates.

You need a partner to offer you support

There’s something really calming about having a service provider (in any form really) who’ll support you entirely. A premium hosting service provider will offer you not only a high quality of service but also 24/7 support. This doesn’t seem important until it is. For instance, if you have an ecommerce component to your business and then you should stretch your offering to overseas clientele. But what if your site crashes? You’ll need that 24 hour service made available to you by a premium service provider to attend to the needs of your customer in a different timezone. And, sometimes the site crash is the fault of the server.

Choosing the right service provider can feel like an overwhelming task. But do your research on each company you’re considering and have a set of questions at the ready so that you know exactly what you’re signing up for.


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