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Hiring new employees is a complicated process. You’ve got to sift through an enormous amount of CVs and select the few that actually qualify for the job. That, in itself, is not an easy task. You need to make sure that you choose the people with the right experience and references. You also don’t want to run the risk of throwing out an application only to later realise that the person was an ideal candidate.

After you’re done going through all the applications and you’ve decided on possible hires, then comes the really difficult part: interviews. When interviewing potential employees you have to make sure to ask the right questions and provide important information. Usually, hiring managers will have a set list of standard questions to ask but that’s not always the best way.

There are other ways to interview that may prove more effective in finding the right people for the job and your company. Here are some interesting interview techniques to try out next time you’re looking for new staff members.

Put them on the spot with a task

Whatever job they’re applying for, this is an easy way to see if they’re capable of doing it. During the interview give them a situation or task they’d have to deal with if they actually had the position. This will immediately allow you to see whether they can think on their feet and how they would approach the job at hand. This is especially good when conducting an interview for a leadership position as you can bring up conflict and problem solving.

Ask them to interview you first

This may seem strange but it’s a good way to gain insight into what the job candidate is interested in and how they see the job. Ask them to interview the you as the company before you start asking them questions. It’ll show you how they view the industry and what they think the job would entail. If nothing else, it’ll tell you whether or not they did their research before sending in their application.

Let them meet the team

Company culture matters and it’s important your staff members get along in order to be productive and work well together. If they don’t like the atmosphere when they first interview then they probably aren’t a good fit for the organisation. Your current employees will also be able to tell you whether they think the candidate really knows what they’re talking about when it comes to specific areas, for example machinery asset finance.


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