Benefits of renting a crane for your construction business

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Owning and running a construction business is no small feat. It requires a large amount of financial knowledge and industry expertise, but it’s not impossible. You will need to think about the best solutions to the problems you encounter, such as what mobile crane is best suited to your projects and whether or not you should opt for crane purchasing or crane hire.

You should speak to a crane rental agency about the benefits of hiring a crane. Not only will it save you money but you will also be able to choose from state of the art cranes and lifting equipment to stay up-to-date. And you can opt to purchase the crane after the lease period is over, which will save you money in the long run. If you are not convinced, read on below for the benefits of renting a crane for your construction business.

It is cost-efficient

Hiring a crane can be extremely cost-efficient. This is because you will have a fixed amount coming off of your account each month, so your budget can be easily managed, and all maintenance and services are handled by the lessor, which means that these costs will not be taken from your business funds.

You might only need the crane for one or two projects, which means that renting it will save you money. Purchasing a crane that will not be used more than once will cost you more in the long run, as you will still need to maintain it and keep it running. It is a wise choice to hire a crane per project rather than purchase one which is going to sit in storage until you need it again.

Repairs and maintenance will be taken care of

As mentioned above, all maintenance and repairs of the crane are taken care of by the crane rental agency and will be carried out by trained professionals. For example, if you notice that the hydraulic truck mounted crane you are hiring could use a tune-up, you will not have to worry about this added cost to your expenses.

Your rental agency will send out a professional repairman to carry out the repairs, which means that you will not lose too much time on your project. Because the repairs and maintenance are taken care of by the rental agency, you will also save money. This money can be used for other aspects of your company, such as improving your marketing efforts or upgrading your permanent equipment.

Training for operators

If you are hiring a specialised piece of equipment for your next project, you will need to have trained operators using it. And many crane rental agencies offer training for their specific pieces of equipment. This will help them to operate the cranes correctly and without any issues regarding safety or knowledge.

Having trained operators also means that your workers are improving their skills, which allows you to acquire and retain clients. Your operators will be able to move forward in their careers, which will ensure their loyalty to your company. Be sure that the training is thorough and extensive so that your operators will retain this knowledge and can use it in the future if you should need the same piece of equipment for another project.

You have access to a wide range of products

Purchasing a crane might seem like a good idea at the start of a project, but you might need more than just that particular crane. For example, you might need a crane that can traverse rough terrain or one which has a telescopic boom for easier lifting requirements.

In the construction industry, your needs are diverse and you need equipment that is equally as diverse. Which is why renting a crane is so beneficial. You can choose more than one type of crane for your project or you can switch from one to another with ease, depending on how your lease has been arranged. And it will cost significantly less than having to purchase new equipment whenever you need it.

The cranes are kept in good condition

When you are renting equipment, you will find that the machines are kept in prime condition and are serviced and repaired after every use. This means that you will be getting a piece of machinery that meets the highest standards, which will save you both time and money as you will not have to worry about fixing any repairs or making any replacements of parts.

With cranes that are kept in good condition, you will be able to finish your projects on time and within budget, meaning that you can take on more projects and bring in more revenue. You will be asked to keep the cranes clean and rust free, but this will entail minimal effort due to the good condition they have been kept in.


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