The best ways to provide better service to clients

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Customers deserve exceptional service rendered by businesses. They are after all the ones who pay the bills at the end of the day. The client’s expectation of any business should be exceeded through excellence.

They expect service to be rendered in a timely fashion and for costs to be worth every penny. At one point or the other any business owner becomes a client to someone else. Your mantra should be: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

improve your communication

Any thriving relationship has good communication; this could be from personal to business related relationships. All major corporations have call centre agents to answer and direct any queries clients may have. Not everyone has good telephone etiquette and therefore before putting someone in charge of queries, every owner needs to implement call centre courses to be completed by the individual.

When doing client database updates, have your assistant pick up the phone every now and again to gather information from clients. It’s low cost to do it via email, but via telephone, you become more than just that distant person behind those electronic updates. Clients will feel more connected and valued by your business when they hear another person on the other side of the line.

Be reactive

It’s no surprise that clients want fast service. Do whatever you can to immediately get back to clients, even if it means responding quickly to them via email. Keep them in the loop by responding to them that same day and make sure they understand everyone is doing their best to ensure issues are being addressed quickly and fully.

Build trust

A business relationship with a client doesn’t necessarily need to be strictly professional. Always go the extra mile and show compassion for them will build loyalty and trust, ensuring longer customer relationships.

Show appreciation

Business people always says thank you, but is it really a heartfelt and sincere thank you? The manner in which you give your thank you speaks volumes. Thanking clients for their business is as important as keeping them happy. They will feel valued and appreciated if you go the extra mile by showing appreciation. Anything from a basket of treats to a handwritten thank you note is much more than expected by any client.

Go the extra mile, not only in business

Clients may hire you for one particular service, but if you discover that they are unable to, or don’t know how to manage other phases that you may be aware of, offer to help. Not only is it common courtesy, but will indicate that you care enough about your client to go the extra mile. Whether it is providing a number for another vendor or picking up the phone to make a call on their behalf, it shows that you are a valued business resource and a trusted advisor.


The content in this article was provided by Boston City Campus and Business College, which offers call centre courses.

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