Better Business Practice

Each business offers a primary product or service upon which the business needs to focus. Better Business Practice offers a comprehensive strategic and financial service support to empower business owners to concentrate on their main source of revenue.

No business is perfect, but can be improved incrementally. To compete and remain feasible it is essential to aspire to better the business that you practise. Practising better business is also not only about PROFIT, for a business to be truly successful it is important to consider other business objectives, including:

  • Principles
  • Purpose
  • People
  • Passion

It is an excellent strategy to assess your business in each of these areas and to develop a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Agreed-Upon, Realistic, Time-Based) Plan to better the practice of these objectives. Rose Scott, founder of Better Business Practice, is a registered accountant and tax practitioner. Her expertise has been grounded in over twenty-five years in the commercial and financial sectors.

We can help you if you have some of these questions:

  • Is my taxation planning as efficient as possible?
  • Is my business running efficiently and effectively?
  • Are there ways to reduce costs or increase revenue?
  • Am I compliant with SARS and CIPC for all submissions?
  • Is my corporate structuring maximised strategically?
  • Are transactions created for my maximum benefit?
  • Is my financial processing structured effectively?
  • What information do my financial statements give me that can support strategic decisions?
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