Can I steal from my boss to start my business?

Content provided by a guest contributor.

We have coached many people out of their corporate jobs and into the self-employed freedom of being a business owner.

During this transition phase people begin to work on their future businesses and often use their employers time and resources to begin to build their client base and business connections.

One EM Solutions client was hoping to be able to use some of the products and contacts they had developed during their stay at their employer as product and resources for their future business. This is a huge no-no and is illegal to steal content, contacts and material from your employer.

The law says that all material or product or contacts developed whilst in the employ or under contract by an employer belongs to that business. It cannot be used for profit elsewhere. This includes tools, machinery, equipment, software, contacts, content, intellectual property or anything else that you may think is free to take home. Written permission is required to use any such material.

Read through your employment contract and read any other contracts that it may refer to such as the employee’s guidelines, constitutions or company legislations. Also remember that the general labour law of the country covers anything omitted in the specific agreements you may sign.

So if you are thinking about using your list of current clients or ‘spare’ tools lying around at work to start your own business think again. This is theft and could land you in hot water. If in doubt contact a lawyer for advice.

The content in this article was provided by Bruce Wade – Director: Chief Entrepreneur Officer at Entrepreneur and Management Solutions.

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