Choosing the best office space

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WomanLaptop-freedigitalphotos.jpgYour SME may have started in a small space or a home office. In the beginning it might’ve just been you and your business partner with a big idea. But now your business is growing. You’ve got more clients, more equipment and, most importantly, more staff members. The larger your company grows, the more space you need. And that means you’ll eventually need to find an office space.

The thing is, you can’t just pick an office at random. You need to make sure it’s the best space for you and your team. Here are some things to think about when you’re searching for the perfect place to house your business.

Functional layout

Think about what your business does and what it needs in order to thrive. Do team members need to be able to shout at each from across the room? Do people need to be able to interact easily and often? If so, then an open plan office may be perfect. These days, many companies prefer to do away with doors and separate rooms and have everyone’s desk in one large area.

However, if certain employees need privacy or silence in order to do their job properly, perhaps have them sit in their own space. And if you want your employees to feel free to act like themselves and have fun while they work, you may want to separate your area.


Safety is as important for an office as it is for a home. Sometimes even more important. It all depends on what kind of equipment you use. These days most employees at least have a computer or laptop and those alone are worth protecting. So, make sure you have an alarm and security cameras.

If your business has more expensive equipment on the premises, then it’s a good idea to invest in extra security. You should look at buildings that restrict entrance, employ guards and maybe even steel bollards. It all depends on the value of your assets and the type of work you do.


Location matters. You don’t want to have a company that requires face time with clients in the middle of nowhere. Your business also needs to be accessible to the people who work there. For example, if many of your staff members don’t have cars, you need to make sure the office is near a bus terminal, train station or taxi rank. It’s also nice to be near shops and restaurants where your employees can pick up lunch and other things they may need during the day.

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