The definitive guide to starting your own business

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In this socially connected world, it is easy to feel disconnected. With Ubuntu Company Services, you can be sure to have that personal relationship with the director of the company and his team of specialists in their various fields. Ubuntu Company Services has been providing Company Registration & Start-up Services to thousands of clients Clients via CIPC, the Dti, SARS, DOL and CIDB. 

Ubuntu Company Services has created a small business guide called Starting Your Own Business: The Definitive Guide. This guide is designed for anyone looking to start a business or people already in business looking to make improvements.

Often, people who are wondering how to start a new business in South Africa lack the necessary resources or structure to get started. From the basics of company registration to representation at the cipc and services such as cidb registration, this comprehensive guide provides you with all the tools you need to get started setting up your business.

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