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Ndalo Media runs a successful digital division that manages its own properties (web, social media, digital publications and mobi-sites) as well as social media for third parties. launched in September 2008 as a custom-designed content and social network site. A dedicated Ndalo Media team manages content and interaction. The site is a custom-designed social network that unites DESTINY readers, giving them exclusive access to content, contacts and mentorship advice in a real-time, real-life setting. The overall purpose is to connect users, encourage networking, mentorship and information-sharing, and to establish Ndalo Media as a leader in digital communication in South Africa.

Aimed at existing and aspirant businesswomen, combines compelling and relevant business news (both local and global) with fashion, beauty, lifestyle, entertainment, health, travel and inspirational content. Through DESTINY and, Ndalo Media aims to address the burgeoning entrepreneurial sector, which it recognises as an avenue towards national economic upliftment and personal empowerment.

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Tel: 011 300 6700

Fax: 011 300 6767

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