Essential Business Components (EBC) business model checklist

Content provided by a guest contributor.

The EBC business model canvas points out 6 components which are crucial for entrepreneurs to focus on; they fit most business types, and serve as guideline of what is vital in running a profitable, sustaining and growing business. The EBC model is not limited to venturing by entrepreneurs; it’s usable by other value providers such as consultants, freelancers, photographers, musicians, designers, engineers and others.

  • In one sheet, crucial business essentials are pointed out, to easily remind you
  • It helps you to create products of value, purpose and efficiency to users
  • Helps you prioritize marketing effort and spent to generate cash flow the quickest
  • Helps you diagnose weakness in the venture processes quickly
  • Instills a quick progressive decision making mindset (sanity)
  • Readies your mind to distribute/deliver products efficiently



Tiisetso Maloma devised EBC business model checklist, authored Forget The business Plan Use This Short Model, and co-authored the Township Biz Fastrack booklet. He consults, speaks and researches on entrepreneurship and development economics.

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