Family and Marriage Association of South Africa

For over 54 years FAMSA has been developing human potential by providing counselling, education and training for South Africans who want help with relationship issues. Communities have developed skills and gained from services work in FAMSA Focus areas such as Violence and Trauma; HIV/AIDS; Abusive relationships; Poverty and Relationship Breakdown.

FAMSA’s Mission is to preserve the family with preventive and remedial services which build on existing strengths in individuals, couples, groups and communities and enables people to deal with modern day stressors and issues that threaten Family Life.

Through its countrywide network of Societies, FAMSA can reach people throughout the nation, also in underserviced areas.

FAMSA attempts to advocate and lobby to ensure social justice prevails for every family and especially the vulnerable.

FAMSA offers a comprehensive range of services.

For more information, contact:


Tel: 011 975 7106/7


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