A formidable franchise team

Perseverance, dedication and determination are three qualities that Amanda Giannaros possesses and has used in her journey, from studying to become a teacher in the Eastern Cape to becoming a co-owner of one of the busiest Spars in Cape Town's CBD.

Amanda and her husband Angelo have become a formidable team in the retail industry since acquiring ownership of the Spar based in the Grand Central (the old post office building) in 2006.

With a background in retail, both Amanda and Angelo worked at Spar stores while living in the Eastern Cape. The opportunity to come to Cape Town presented itself when their previous boss decided to open stores in the Mother City.

The two then moved to Cape Town and began working in management positions in local Spar stores. When the previous owner decided to sell the business, it was a prospect that Amanda and Angelo could not pass by. They were introduced to members of Business Partners and the ball began rolling toward the couple's present success.

Acquiring the business saw the start of the relationship between Amanda, Angelo and Business Partners, who acted both as mentors and backers in the financial sphere of the business. Due to the success of the store, more than 50 people are employed, including sales people and management.

"We believe in giving 100% to customers, always going that extra mile to ensure that customers receive excellent products and outstanding service," says Amanda. You should not be surprised to see Amanda or Angelo behind the counters, either at the bakery or working in other sections at the store.

In doing this, they both stayed focused on providing phenomenal service to its customers.


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