Four tips for small businesses

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Rudi Britz is the owner and founder of Waxing Buddy, a male waxing studio that is dedicated to helping men of all walks of life with their personal grooming and waxing. Rudi says he started out 14 years ago with a few small ventures including a mobile massage service for corporates but he soon realized there was a specific need for male grooming.

“After further market research I found out that men don’t like to go to spas but that they prefer to keep their grooming low-key and would rather go to a home studio for waxing.”

Taking the gap, Rudi started Waxing Buddy in 2012 with clients from his previous businesses and today it consists of a Johannesburg and Cape Town Studio, each with three therapists, and an active client base of about 300 people. “We’re still growing” says Rudi, who has some invaluable tips for other entrepreneurs starting a small business.

Tip #1: Know your market

Rudi notes that it is important to know who your client is so that you can market accordingly. In Waxing Buddy’s case the client has many faces. “We have the bodybuilder, the businessman who does not want to have hair peeping out his collar, the metrosexual, the straight guys getting waxed for the first time, the gay guys getting waxed all the time, and those that bring their wives to hold their hands!”

Tip #2 Train your staff

“I always ensure that my staff is 100% trained on a continual basis – they need to know the products they are using and, most importantly, they need to know how to treat the client.”

Tip #3 Make the client feel comfortable

Leading on from Tip #2, Rudi emphasizes the need to make the client feel comfortable, particularly in a spa setting. “We do our utmost to maintain our professionalism while also ensuring that our customers do not feel awkward – we want them to leave having had a good experience.”

Tip #4 Have a searchable website that works

“You can have the best services or products in the world but if people can’t find you it’s pointless,” says Rudi. “I signed up with Webafrica about 2 years ago – not only as a web design service, but also because they offer features that are really important for the growth of my business, such as a monthly report and stable email accounts.” Through the monthly report, Rudi says he knows which pages need more attention and he can continually update and improve his site; “Webafrica also revamps my website regularly, helps me to set up my content so that it shows up in Google searches, and ensures that it is mobile friendly so that my clients or potential clients can access it from any device.”


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