Get better business results when you do what you love

Many, many new entrepreneurs start out with something they are passionate about, something they love doing and are great at. But soon they find that the new business demands that they spend most of their time on things they really do not like to do at all.

And guess what, those are also the things they mostly are not so good at. They have to force themselves to struggle through the tasks so that the business can survive.

But this does not need to be the situation!

Perhaps you have started your own business, with a focus on something you really love. I can think of many business owners I’ve worked with who started clothing lines, food stores, media companies, craft businesses, and many more. They wanted to turn their passion into a business, but what they achieved in the end was to own a business where the service or product is about what they WANT TO DO, but their days are filled in managing a business where others are tasked with doing this and doing it not as well as the owner would.

How do you avoid this trap? Or if you already find that you are in this position, how do you get out of it so that you can do what you really love doing? How do you shift your business so that you take responsibility for the stuff you are naturally good at, while you have other ways of making sure everything else is done?

As entrepreneurial coach, I often work with my business clients on exactly this issue. So, if I say it is possible, it is not just a theory. I’ve seen how entrepreneurs make shifts with the result that they bring back the joy of doing something they really like and are great at.

There is no secret here! We simply start out by being sure what the natural abilities of the entrepreneur are. You can do this too. What are you naturally good at?

A tool such as the Vitality Test is a great place to start. You can get free access to this tool at and after completing the quick online questions, you’ll get a report filled with insights on you natural strengths.

With your own natural abilities in mind, the next step is to plan for your business while recognising that you’ll be better with some of the needed tasks than others. Here we use a planning tool called the Flow Canvas. It offers a comprehensive plan on just one page and it explains how the various elements of your plan align with your natural strengths. You can learn more about the Flow Canvas here:

I’ve used this tool over the past five years with hundreds of entrepreneurs from here in South Africa and various other countries. I’ve used it with sophisticated tech companies and I’ve used it with people running fairly basic community-based businesses.

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The content in this article was provided by Christoff Oosthuysen, CEO of the H-Web Foundation. Christoff is a leading entrepreneurial coach, facilitator and Certified Business Advisor (IBASA) with over 20 years of experience in working with startup entrepreneurs, small business owners, social entrepreneurs and the practitioners supporting them.

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