Get more customers than you can serve

You may have tried new ways of reaching prospective clients like using social media, more traditional ways of getting out there like distributing leaflets, focused on optimising your website, or you may have targeted networking events. There are many options available to reach out to your audience.

However, none of your efforts will work if you are not very clear about the key elements of your plan.

As an entrepreneurial coach, I often work with business clients on exactly this issue. So, if I say it is possible to create a stream of customers in excess of what you can deal with, it is not just a theory. I have seen how businesses can create much better results by making improvements in the way they plan to reach new customers and then executing that plan.

Implement a better plan

You may want to try this too! Here are the five straight-forward questions to answer in your plan:

  1. What is your unique focus that differentiates you from all others?
  2. Where are the people you’re meant to serve gathering already (such as places or events, online platforms, and the media they consume)?
  3. When and how will you show up at these places and how will you present your uniqueness in such a way that ensures you stand out, are noticed, and are remembered by the people you’re meant to serve?
  4. What do you promise, guarantee or give away so that it becomes impossible for the people you are meant to serve to say no?
  5. How do you make it easy for those ready to buy to make the transaction?

As you can see from these questions, there are no secrets here! You simply start out by answering each of these questions, doing what you have planned, reviewing how it went, adjusting your plan based on what worked and what didn't, and going out to implement your plans again. Keep doing this, following the cycle of PLAN – DO – REVIEW, and you’ll get better at attracting the right customers for your business.

In fact, this is not a cycle of going from planning, to doing, to reviewing, to planning, etc. You should rather view this as an upward spiral where you get better and better at what you do. We call this the Spiral of Success, since each time you go through the cycle, you get better at achieving your greater intentions.

The five questions I mentioned above form part of the Flow Canvas planning tool I use with all my clients. It offers a comprehensive plan on just one page and it explains how the various elements of your plan come together in a thriving business.

We have recently launched a few online versions of the Flow Canvas tool, which makes it possible for you to quickly benefit from it too. And, the great news is that Business Partners organised for you to get a 25% discount on ding the Quick Planner. Get the tool here, then use this Coupon Code: “1412smetoolkit25”.


The content in this article was provided by Christoff Oosthuysen, a leading entrepreneurial coach and business support practitioner, based in Cape Town, South Africa. He is a Certified Business Advisor (IBASA) with over 20 years experience in supporting startup entrepreneurs, small business owners & social entrepreneurs.

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