Grow your tourism business with assistance from the Tourism Enterprise Partnership

imTepLogo.pngThe Tourism Enterprise Partnership (TEP), a Non Profit Company, is one of the longest standing and most successful public private partnerships in South Africa.

TEP facilitates the growth, development and sustainability of small tourism businesses. This is achieved through a number of products and services that provide hands-on, step-by-step support and guidance, ultimately leading to improved product quality, operational efficiency and market reach.


TEP offers a wide range of services and solutions for Small Tourism Businesses, Corporate South Africa, Government Institutions, as well as Local and International Tourists. These include:

1.            Access to Information

  • Tourism Information Portal
  • Tourism Awareness Workshops

2.            Business Support

  • Business Registration and Assessment
    •  Upon registration the business will undergo a TEP Needs Assessment to ensure that relevant assistance is provided
  • Business Development Funding
    •  A fund that can assist with up to 50% cost sharing of certain business services that meet impact and job growth criteria

3.            Skills Development

  • Tourism Industry Workshops
  • Customer Service Excellence (Customer First)
  • TEP Training Toolkits:
    •  Business Planning
    • Quality Assurance and Customer Care
    • Legalities and Compliances
    • Business Administration in Tourism
    • Pricing
    • Communication in Tourism
    • Marketing in Tourism
    • Tourism Channel
    •  Exhibitions
    •  Website Planning and Development
  • Business Skills:
    •  Human Resources
    •  Finance
    •  Business Administration
    •  Marketing
  • Learning Networks:
    • Learning Networks are subsector specific workshops that address unique challenges faced by a number of participants within the same subsector of the tourism industry
  • Mentorship
  • Business Leadership Program:
    • The program comprises of intensive one on one coaching, business analysis and mentoring by international and local industry specialists

4.            Market Access

  • General Market Access
    • TEP facilitates market access platforms on a provincial and national basis, aimed at bringing buyers and sellers closer together. Market Access can take the form of exhibitions, events, media tours, advertising, etc. for pre-selected products
  • South African Hidden Treasures
    • Hidden Treasures is TEP’s heritage and culture-driven tourism market access strategy. It is a label of unique products and experiences that engages the sense, stimulates the mind and connects on an emotional, spiritual and intellectual level.

5.            Enterprise Development Portfolio (EDP)

TEP developed the EDP in response to the challenge that many South African companies experience in complying with the Enterprise Development component of the Codes of Good Practice.

TEP’s EDP offers:

  • Up-front certification of Enterprise Development points for B-BBEE scoring
  • Tax deductibility on certain investments
  • Robust reporting procedures on fund deployment and impact
  • National footprint and a database of 4,000 small tourism businesses
  • Enhanced public brand profiling
  • Assisting government towards its job creation goals

For more details and to locate a branch in your area, visit

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