How to make your clients happy

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The first sign of a business failing isn’t necessarily loss of profits, but getting too set in its ways. As soon as tradition becomes part of a company policy, instead of based on data or constant improvement, then you are on a road to failure.

The reason is that other businesses, of which there are many, are trying to improve – which means you will be left in the dust as other businesses find better, unique and more efficient ways to be better.

Anticipate client needs

One way we can try improve is to examine what we’re delivering to clients. We can also find out how we’re satisfying our clients’ needs. As notes, a good way to improve your standing with clients is to consider their needs.

“Get to know expectations and communication style. If you’ve been working with someone for a while, you’ll pick up on patterns and habits if you are paying attention.”

They provide a solid example almost anyone who manages clients can relate to. “If emails are always short, a client might prefer to talk through weightier ideas. Instead of sending a big idea via email, pop over a short note to schedule a phone call to discuss.”

Other suggestions might be to pre-empt their questions. If they regularly ask for reports or something similar at a specific time each month, have them prepared.

Also, consider what matters most to the client. For instance, each Friday does the person consistently ask questions about inbound referrals, web traffic or other accomplishments for the week? If so, then answer that question on Friday morning before the client even asks.

Other methods include making payment less of a chore. Have your banking in order; consider using systems like a debit order which facilitates easy transactions.

Make introductions

CreativeBloq also suggests you find another unique way to be in your client’s mind; be their liaison for other people.

“If a client mentions in passing they are working on a new strategy or is looking to learn about a topic, think of an expert or someone within your network to introduce your client to who can help shed some light or bounce ideas off of. Anytime they have a question or are looking for advice, they’ll call you to see if you know anyone. Soon, they’ll believe that you only mingle with the best minds in the industry. Ever hear of the phrase, ‘you are the company you keep?’.”

These are some ways to get in better standing with your clients; if anything bad happens, you’ll be so far along in their good books, you’ll have more freedom, leeway and support to get back on track. Consider it as a pre-emptive strike against possible accidents which can help you sustain your business in the worst of times.


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