How stressed are you?

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Stress is part of daily life. For you as the entrepreneur there are many factors that may contribute to you experiencing stress: firstly, you need to establish your business, have clarity on the products and services you offer and ensure that you have the right calibre of staff, who are trained to perform their tasks effectively.

Over time additional stressors develop: you need to decide if you are going to grow your business, you find some clients are demanding, or in these economic times your clients may have difficulty paying you on time, your overheads are increasing and there are challenges with regard to managing your staff and company’s finances.

So apart from just wanting to focus on your core task of running your business there are many other aspects that now demand your attention. In between all of this, you may have a family who also would like some of your attention.  At times, you may feel a little overwhelmed or ill-equipped to manage all of these aspects.

It is important to note that a degree of stress is important, as it usually motivates is to take action or make changes. It becomes a “challenge” though when the stress becomes chronic or starts to have a negative impact on the way we function in our everyday lives.

You can take the first step by recognising how stressed your really are. Take this quick stress test questionnaire from the book “Natural Highs” by Patrick Holford a well-known psychologist and leading nutritionist. This questionnaire can be completed every 6 months to assess how you are managing your stress levels.

Tick in the “Yes” box if you are experiencing a specific aspect of stress. 

Stress check 

How stressed are you?


Do you have difficulty relaxing?


Do you find yourself feeling irritable?


Do you worry about little events of the day and are you unable to shut off your mind?


Do you smoke or drink excessively esp by other’s standards?


Are you competitive and aggressive in the things you do?


Do you find it hard to relate to other people?


Do you find you are impatient with others?


Do you eat quickly?


Do you take on too much?


Do you have difficulty delegating?


Do you have aching limbs or recurring headaches?


Do you have a dry mouth and sweaty palms?


Do you feel a lack if interest in sex?


Are your muscles tense?


Do you have problems sleeping?



Below 5: You’re in good shape and able to handle what comes your way

5-10: You are quite stressed, pay attention to the warning signs your body is giving you

10 plus: You are very stressed and need to take serious action before your body gives you a drastic “wake-up” call.

Read the article on the signs of stress to find out how to identify the different types of stress, while other articles in this category will give you hints and tips for coping with those high-stress days.

The content in this article was provided by Linda Germishuizen - Clinical and Industrial Psychologist, and founder of PsychMastery.

About PsychMastery:

I founded PsychMastery because I understand that being human can be quite a daunting journey. We  live in a world that is changing rapidly. As a result the demands on us are significant. Without even realising it you can find yourself on a path that is so far removed from who you truly are. Or where you want to be. Unless you are aware of what is happening to you, the demands of life may dictate where you will end up. And when you wake up to the reality, years have passed by.

I observe how disconnected people are or feel. Either they are caught up on this ever moving treadmill coping in unhelpful ways. Or they are questioning whether this is what life is about. So many people seem to have lost touch with the essence of who they are beneath all the masks and defenses.

PsychMastery enables you to reconnect with the essence of who you are. I also help you to bring deeper meaning back into your life through the use of sacred ceremony. In this way, you will feel that there is divine presence guiding you. You will also feel a greater degree of community with the important people in your life.

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