How you can inspire your employees

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Youngentrepreneur.jpgEvery so often employees need a bit of inspiration to keep them going. Especially if they have to work on a tough client brief that will keep them away from friends and family for weeks on end. Work should never have to intrude on an employee’s personal life, but sometimes the demands of the job are so great that it is inevitable. The only way to keep up the mood of your employees is to inspire them and keep them motivated.

Be the example

Employees will always look to their leader to set a great example. The manager has to set the tone, a good work ethic and a set of values for the company. The right example will have a lasting and meaningful effect on the team. Managers need to be hardworking, but not necessarily overbearing.

Their optimism should reach far and wide within the company, and in the midst of enormous challenges employees will be likely to mirror their enthusiasm. If managers set an example of positivity and understanding, employees will follow their behaviour, setting the precedent of a positive company culture.

Socialisation is the key to commitment

It is usually for the best reasons that co-workers separate their professional lives from their personal lives. Senior management being friendly with the work-force can build bonds and a collective sense of teamwork. Trying to establish friendships in obvious set-ups in the office is not always a good idea for a number of reasons. But that doesn't mean co-workers shouldn't have meaningful conversations outside of a typical work environment.

Managers can integrate socialisation amongst co-workers by holding team-building events. They can be outside gatherings, such as parties or group activities, or something simpler like group lunches at which people are encouraged to let down their guard and talk casually to one another.

Reward hard work

Setting up a reward system is a great way to motivate your employees. Either reward reaching specific goals or a general feeling of hard work. This kind of activity will produce solid work and keep them motivated. Give a reward to those who have achieved during the challenge.

Create a pleasant atmosphere

Employees spend most of their daily lives in the office, so it would be a plus to try and make the office look as friendly as possible. The space should look appealing and like a place people would want to visit during their free time – meaning it should look relaxed. Employees will then be more eager to come to work every day.

And that is what it all about – keeping your employees happy enough to want to come to work, not because they need to.

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