The importance of open and honest communication

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Many people assume that information regarding the company should trickle down from the top on a need-to-know basis. That means the executives know everything, management know a lot (but not always the whole story) and the people on the ground floor are left clueless unless it directly affects them.

But insisting on open and honest communication throughout the company (despite rank or position) can have many positive results. Here are just a few them. 

Creates an inclusive corporate culture

If you tell your employees about every triumph, threat and failure, they’ll feel more included in the company and its goals. That just makes sense. They’ll feel like part of the team and therefore will have far more team spirit. The simple gesture will make your staff feel more invested in the company. All it takes is one company meeting every month or so to fill everybody in on what’s been happening. And if anything major happens in the meantime, you can easily send out an email announcement. They’ll appreciate the straightforward approach and are more likely to be direct in their communication with you.

Encourages loyalty

When employees feel like they are part of the company, they tend to stay longer at the same job. And we’ve already covered how transparent communication creates an inclusive company culture. Staff members who are not being given the whole story will likely feel you don’t respect them or don’t think of them as a necessary part of the company. If they feel this way, they won’t think twice about taking a job offer from a competitor.  

Opens up the pool of ideas

It’s quite simple really, the more people you have thinking about a problem, the easier it will be to come up with a solution. If you communicate openly with your staff, you may find they have ideas that have nothing to do with their job description but could greatly benefit the company. And it’s not only about solving problems. You should also share your victories with your employees. They may be inspired by the successes of others and come up with their own plans. 

If you’re open and honest with your employees about everything that happens in the company, they will appreciate it. And that appreciation will turn into motivation and loyalty.

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