The Institute for Inventors and Innovators (III)

With over 100 years collective experience between its members, the Institute of Inventors and Innovators has the know-how to advise and guide you on your venture of invention and innovation. Having been there, III understands the emotional and mental drain of trying to bring ideas to flourish, hence the establishment of the Institute of Inventors and Innovators™.

So, if you are stuck and don't know how to proceed with your project and don't know how to take it to the next level take this opportunity NOW and contact the institute.

As the Earth's natural resources get less and less, III believes that humanities only hope for survival is to bring any and all merited ideas to reality. Having walked the complex world of patent rights, funding, prototype development, marketing, manufacturing and commercializing its inventions/innovations III understands the helplessness that one might find themselves in, especially when you don’t have expertise in the legal and accounting worlds. This is where III can help.

For more information, contact:


Tel: 011 487 1536


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