Introduction to the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI)

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Welcome to the POPI Act content pages of the SME Toolkit South Africa. In these pages we will be supporting our SME Toolkit South Africa subscribers and readers in their journey towards achieving and maintaining compliance with the POPI Act.

Over the coming months from April 2016 the SME Toolkit South Africa will feature a number of items which will support you and your business as you not only meet the minimum requirements for compliance with the POPI Act, but also find ways to turn compliance with the POPI Act into a business benefit.

These articles and guides will bring you a range of practical advice and share the experiences of other SMEs who have already started working to understand what the costs and benefits of compliance with the POPI Act means for a SME Toolkit South Africa user.  

The articles we will feature in these pages will address the following topics:

  •  What is the POPI Act?
  •  Why do I need to comply with the POPI Act?
  •  How would I know if I comply with the POPI Act?
  •  Case studies of POPI Act compliance projects
  •  Feature articles on special aspects of compliance
  •  Handy print-out-and-keep checklists to help with your compliance activities
  •  Business benefits of complying with the POPI Act
  •  Practical advice about how to achieve and maintain compliance with the POPI Act
  •  Pointers for training for compliance with the POPI Act
  •  Opportunities to attend briefings on POPI Act compliance for SMEs
  •  How the POPI Act and PAIA work together
  •  Working with the new POPI Information Regulator

We start this series of articles with two items that help to cover the basics about the POPI Act:

  •  The POPI Act is law – Where to from here?
  •  Are You POPI Compliant?

At any time you are welcome to address your queries on the POPI Act to one of our main contributors to these POPI Act pages. Dr Peter Tobin has over thirty years of business experience and has run his own small enterprise since 1994. Peter has the knowledge, skills and experience of compliance with the POPI Act based on a number of completed POPI Act compliance preparation projects with SME clients in a range of business sectors. He can be contacted at

Alternatively you can use the SME Toolkit South Africa Contact Us form at

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