Ipcoweb offers clients the ability and means to attract new players through the perfect blend of innovation and creative thinking that will maximize the their brand exposure and reach. This is to be done by expanding their digital (online and mobile) presence and also expanding sales channels to also be online and mobile. The overall intention of the Ipcoweb offering is to provide our clients with a multi-channel means of selling more product that is to be seen and made accessible to an enlarged number of the population.

Ipcoweb is in a unique position to offer a scalable end to end solution encompassing everything from system integration to provenmarketing stratedies. In addition to the above, Ipcoweb is also able to create and drive a digital services strategy that will further enhance the customer experience. Most importantly Ipcoweb will enhance our clients user engagement and profiling so their clients know more about them.

Through its partnerships with both local and international companies, Ipcoweb has managed to deliver the following digital solutions to our clients:

  • Digital Geo-targeted marketing
  • USSD integration and marketing
  • E-commerce services
  • M-commerce services
  • Digital Geo-focused customer profiling
  • Credit cards & payment systems
  • Search engine optimisation
  • In-app advertising
  • Target digital marketing
  • Digital/ Online services that have generated over 2500 page 1 rankings on Google

Ipcoweb’s core focus is to help small to medium enterprises market their businesses effectively, distribute their products intact and on time to customers and collect and distribute payments seamlessly. It achieves this by tapping into mobile telephone and Internet technologies, including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Social Media and online advertising.

With more than 4.4-billion cell phone users and over 4 billion website, it allows an entrepreneur to create a presence in today’s dynamic and vibrant global marketplace with very little capital investment. Ipcoweb is a key player in this area because it has both the technological backbone and human skill available to deliver a superior product. In addition, Ipcoweb has strategic partnerships with key players in the commerce transaction (Visa and Nedbank), marketing (Yellow Pages) and logistics (Speed Service - South African Post Office) arenas is of great benefit to their clients. These partnerships enable Ipcoweb to help its client's market their businesses, collect and distribute funds and deliver their goods, both physical and virtual.

For more information, contact:

Website: http://www.ipcoweb.co.za/

Tel: 010 020 2488

Email: info@ipcoweb.co.za

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