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Making things happen in business                                        

Enterprising people are people who promote change and make things happen. They push the envelope; they make a difference in a wide variety of situations and circumstances - from SME business development to small community initiatives to the personal life of the individual.

One enduring quality of an enterprising person is that they are achievers. In fact, they have acquired and mastered the achievement drive/motive. Achievers are passionate about what they do. They go after a vision and associated goals with a fervour that knows no bounds. They are persistent about what they want to achieve. A never give up attitude. They do unique things, know how to work networks, sets standards of excellence, they have the insight to know that they can not achieve their vision alone and therefore they seek the wisdom of a wily old fox /vixen to share pearls of wisdom to smooth the way to success.

Achievers take the lead in managing obstacles, expectations and failure and continually update their knowledge, skills and behaviours in an ever changing operating environment. They don’t wait for things to happen – they hassle while they wait. They make it their business to spot new business opportunities. They are innovatively creative

Question that now arises: Can the achievement motive be taught? The answer is yes, without a doubt. With what results? Across the globe the following: Increases in: standards of excellence, productivity, Increases in enterprise and personal  wealth, job creation, Increases in business efficiency – doing things better, faster, cheaper and first to market, decrease in enterprise failure, an ability to managing around obstacles and engaging in mentorship and long term personal development and more.

Why use Tharabololo Consultancy?

We are a specialist training and development service provider focusing on achievement behaviour change workshops.

Entrepreneurs are our exclusive and specific focus.

We furthermore believe we can rise to the national challenge of creating wealth and jobs and in a small way reduce poverty.

For more detail contact the following:

Christo Morolong at dup@ewbmail.co.za or 079 977 2845

Dr.Jim Lizamore at jimlizamore@wol.co.za or 082 802 8432



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