Learn about Payroll in your own time with this easy system

KKpwav.jpgAre you bored & tired of attending long and winding business workshops? Are you losing interest in learning more about your business and how you can improve your business’s compliance issues?

At Rekopane Payroll Services we have developed South Africa’s 1st Payroll Audio Support Program called ‘Payroll With A Voice’. This unique product will assist entrepreneurs to ‘Demistify payroll for good’.

The amazing ‘Payroll with a Voice’ programme is a comprehensive payroll workshop packaged in an audio and documents CD. It contains:

1. Audio presentations of the different principles that affect payroll.

2. Customizable payroll plans, job descriptions and performance appraisals.

3. Discount vouchers towards the use of our web-based Yamathomo Payroll System.

All you need is a CD\MP3 player to start enjoying and learning more about payroll. Learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.

The ‘Payroll with a Voice’ programme is an innovative, new-generation business educational product that will help curb the lack of basic payroll admin information as well as the high rate of non-compliance towards payroll legislation.

This program will help you by:

  • Educating you on all aspects that affect payroll,
  • Showing you how to improve business administration and employee relations
  • Demonstrating how you can improve compliance with government’s payroll regulations

To download the introductory chapter for free and learn more about our 'Payroll with a Voice' program, as well as how to improve your payroll administration, visit: http://www.rekopanepayroll.co.za/payroll-with-a-voice.

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