Manifesting your dreams

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YoungEntrep.jpgYes, I am talking about making dreams come true! Many people seem to have lost their ability to dream through all the day to day challenges of the past few years. Today we are going to look at a simple, but powerful exercise to bring them back into focus again.

We are all part of a greater intelligence even though it may be unclear to us what exactly that is. Believing this in a way removes a little of the pressure to have to constantly feel and be in control of our lives.

In the old paradigm, we were raised to have clear goals and to work out the detail of exactly how we are going to achieve these. The new paradigm works slightly differently. Let us explore the building blocks for having our dreams materialise.

  1. Relationships are important! We learn a great deal about ourselves through relationships. How? Well if we keep connecting with others and recognising ourselves in them, every relationship becomes an opportunity for us to be more aware of our own behaviour. We see that everyone, including us, has a positive as well as negative side and we need to be compassionate to both sides in us and others.

So people always mirror back to us some aspect of ourselves. It is important therefore to nurture relationships and see them as a way of connecting to others like ourselves. When we are able to really connect or tune in to others, the process moves us forward toward our dreams. At times like this we have chance meetings or chance discussions that speed up the process.

2. We need to master the inner self-talk or critic in our head if we want to manifest our dreams. When that negative voice surfaces with all the reasons as to why we will be unable to achieve a certain goal, we need to stop it immediately. In fact, we need not even concern ourselves with HOW we are going to achieve our goals. We just need to be clear on what we want (see point 4).

3. Another building block in achieving our dreams is to master the emotions that come up at times, e.g. fear of the future or losing business, uncertainty, feeling helpless or angry, etc. The stronger the emotion we feel the more power we give it to derail us from materialising our dreams.

A highly successful retailer recently said he does not allow himself to go to a negative space – he says he cannot afford to let himself go there when business is slow, as then it would throw him off balance. So he ignores negative aspects over which he has no control and moves forward and focuses on the positive.

4. Now we come to our dreams. Take some quiet time away from interruptions and list ALL your intentions on 1 page. List them in as much detail as you can – be very specific. Cover all aspects of your life. Forget about how you are going to achieve them; that's unimportant. What do you want in terms of self esteem, material things, relationships, spiritual needs, abundance, money, accomplishments, recognition, your family, your work, etc?

What legacy do you want to leave behind, what difference do you want to make to society or the world? Dream about what your life would be like if you had all of this. Keep this paper with you and review it every day, make changes as you go along.

5. Make time every day – 15-20 minutes in the morning and at the end of the day just to be alone, quiet and to empty your mind. Reflect on your intentions.

6. Find something every day for which you can be grateful. Become aware of what you have.

And now, let go… and let the process unfold. It may not happen in your time frame, but the puzzle pieces will start to fall into place as you begin to “master” your relationships, thoughts and emotions.

See the magic happening!

Written by: Linda Germishuizen, Executive, Career and Life Coach

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