Marketing, mice, and mouse “traps”

Content provided by a guest contributor.

A while back the buzz phrase about a marketing strategy plan was that if you set the biggest, best mouse “trap” the largest share of the market was yours for the taking. Rather cheesy, I always thought, while having an internal giggle!!! You see, I’ve never been particularly fond of mice, nor felt the need to “Trap” anyone. Instead I prefer to have my “Cheese (cake)” and eat it!!!

Now you may be feeling confused and wondering whether this is about a marketing plan or a baking recipe?  It’s actually about both. The recipe for a marketing plan is found in the 5 P’s of marketing. This marketing mix consisting of:

  1. Product or service – what your customer needs or wants
  2. Price – extremely important in the current global economy
  3. Place (distribution) – convenient and easy to find
  4. Promotion – using branding and innovation to get the most value for your marketing spend

Question: Can you reach your target market?

Answer: Yes, Ja, Yay as long as you use effective communication and the 5th P: “People”.

“People” are your strongest central ingredient of you marketing mix. Internally, you and your employees are brand ambassadors for your product or service. Externally you customers or clients can become loyal and committed to repeat purchases.

“WOMM”- Word of Mouth Marketing is your “People” marketing your business to other “People”. “People” trust and listen to other “People”. The importance of communication and Customer Relationship Management is an essential ingredient for any successful marketing strategy plan.

Can you have your “Cheese (cake)” and eat it? Yes enjoy …


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