National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa

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NAAMSA - The National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa - is an important source of information about the motor industry in sub-Saharan Africa. After 50 years of being the official body representing new vehicle manufacturers, it is now going through major changes in line with the transformation of the industry. The NAAMSA membership base now includes major importers and distributors of new vehicles as well as local manufacturers and assemblers, making it the pre-eminent organisation for all franchise holders marketing vehicles in South Africa.

Every month, NAAMSA makes the headlines with its release of the latest new vehicle sales figures, which have become recognised as significant barometers of the country's economic activity, consumer trends and general fiscal health. The compilation of these sales statistics is a sophisticated operation on a par with similar motor industry marketing information gathering in the industrialised nations of Europe and North America. The figures are far more detailed than the summaries carried in the general media suggest and you can find an in-depth analysis and graphs in our web pages or contact NAAMSA directly at the address below - which should, in any case, be your first call if you are new to the South African market and serious about doing business in the motor industry here.

There is a NAAMSA working group or specialist committee tackling each of the major issues facing the industry - ranging from local content to vehicle crime and safety legislation. A sign of the times is the new NAAMSA Export Division as the industry reaches for overseas markets, and a whole range of activities linked to the Motor Industry Development Programmes.

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