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Content provided by a guest contributor. offers small business owners proven corporate HR and Payroll software over the web for free.

PeoplePlus’s approach is that SME’s are having a very difficult time at the moment and what PeoplePlus wants to do is to assist SME’s to get onto or switch to systems that will drastically reduce their cost and drastically reduce their business risks – for free.

As SME’s are the jobs engine in the economy, due recognition needs to be given and the SMEs need to be protected from failure and PeoplePlus is putting their money where their mouth is. Using PeoplePlus’s current offering, businesses will be able to create long term and sustainable harmony in the workplace by having fair policies and procedures in place, being able to reduce owner stress around managing fair labour practices and following the correct training, operational and disciplinary practices so as to optimise their people relationships and productivity. In addition to which is to avoid the costly and wasteful - not to mention stressful and potentially lethal CCMA rulings. How many SMEs run the risk of collapse due to the cash flow knock of an averse CCMA award? If this happens, there are other jobs that are lost as well as your own.

These risks can be reduced by using the modern PeoplePlus “Freemium” (Free + Premium) access model via our secure web servers (similar to internet banking security levels). We hope to make the core of this essential business system available to anybody who is an employer with between 1-200 employees for free, anytime and from any place.

There are no upfront payments for IT hardware and software, nor is there the responsibility and stress of having to secure the data and computer systems on your own, we do that for you and keep the system up to date with legal requirements. You no longer need to pay an expensive consultant to regularly attend to your system to install what should be basics and set up is guided by wizards and contextual video help. It cannot get much simpler than this and the payroll is intelligent in that it tells you what you need to complete before it is ready to be processed.

It is self-service where one selects which modules you wish to use in that month and you pay for what you turn on, or you can easily turn off the modules that you do not wish to use – that easy. Premium modules are for additional functionality and better efficiency, but there is a small cost, which when you equate it to the cost of a few cold drinks, it is actually unbelievable value. Employee self-service module can also be activated to allow employees to login and enter/change their own personal data and to retrieve their own pay slips or other information such as newsletter etc.

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