Online marketing on a shoestring budget

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You’ve just started up a new business; you’re sure you have a killer idea and can’t wait to see your success reflected in your bank account. However, your marketing budget is minimal, and your only interested customers are your mother, your next door neighbour and your friend. How are you going to get your name out there?

Who will buy your product if they don’t even know it exists? Online Marketing has a number of innovative ways in which to increase your brand awareness and increase the sales of your product.

The Internet is a useful platform to market any product or service, however its power is often taken for granted, or simply forgotten, as the route to traditional marketing is so tried and tested.

With a little knowledge eMarketing can not only be very targeted with good returns, but is also one of the cheapest ways to advertise your business:

  • It’s all about getting connected – online marketing has a global reach which traditional media lacks. It’s a two way conversation where businesses and their customers can be connected anytime and any place. The world is your oyster!
  • Low cost – if planned properly and targeted effectively, an eMarketing campaign can reach the targeted customer at a lower cost than with traditional marketing. Investing a little bit of money into it can bring you great results and Return On Investoment
  • Trackable and measurable results – you can get detailed information about customers’ responses to your advertising.  For small businesses in particular, a content strategy maps the entire customer interaction from the first search engine query all the way to the deep end of the customer interaction
  • 24 hour service – with a website, customers can find out about your product without having to speak to you. Usually with a small business, the difficulty is that there are minimal staff members and therefore when it comes to being able to service your clients’ needs effectively over weekends or after hours; this tends to be a tough task. Essentially, having your products and information online not only cuts costs, but helps you remain contactable and people are able to ask about what you have to offer when you are not around
  • Personalised –if your database is linked to your website, you can offer personalised offers according to their previous purchase
  • Better conversion rate than traditional marketing – your customers are only ever a click away from completing a purchase, if you make your products available online

An online marketing technique that has proven to work, is that of Social Media, where a big brand like Dunkin Donuts has engaged with consumers via social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and therefore created rapport with consumers and inevitably brand awareness.

Starting a business is in no uncertain terms easy. However, when placing online marketing tactics at the helm, results will not be far out of your reach.

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