Organisation structure and job specifications

AtTheTop.jpgDeveloping your organisational structure is best done by drawing an organogram that can help you visualise your staffing structure. 

An organogram is a visual presentation of the people, positions and responsibilities in the business that also indicate who reports to whom.  You will need to decide who will make up your management team and out of those individuals, taking into account the shareholders, who will be executive directors and non-executive directors.

Once you have developed an organizational structure, you need to develop job specifications for each individual. Your people should know, and so should you, what they will be responsible for. It is crucial for your staff’s motivation and job satisfaction to be clear on their deliverables.

You should also be very clear about the qualifications and experience you require from certain staff. Some will require high levels of qualification like finance, marketing and legal jobs. For others, it may be enough for the employees to have the necessary work experience to do the job.

What will you pay?

Now you must determine the salaries you will pay for the different job specifications you need to fill in your organizational structure. Check on market-related rates and the affordability for your business.

Having said all this, let’s discuss why it's important for all these actions to be implemented.

  • Allocation of responsibilities
  • Accountability – monitor progress
  • Establishing clear channels of communication
  • Resource deployment
  • Synergy enhances the effectiveness and quality of the work performed
  • Quality means systematically grouping a variety of tasks, procedures and resources
  • Development of departments where necessary
  • Co-ordination of all staff’s activities

People spend a large part of their life at work. They work to satisfy needs and they have their own goals. You could say the work they do reflect who they are. A company’s human resource capital is crucial to the success of the business.  Why? They are the resource that mobilises and manages all other resources.

Make your decisions regarding staff wisely. Look after them, motivate them and help them to grow and develop their skills within their portfolio of responsibilities.

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