Plan differently to get better results

There is so much to keep in mind that things can easily go wrong.  And they do go wrong – this I’ve seen over and over in the more than 20 years that I’ve been supporting, coaching and training entrepreneurs.

However, it does not need to be difficult to plan to increase the likeliness of great results.

In working with clients of the IDC, Business Partners and NEF, and participants in programmes run by companies such as Microsoft and development agencies such as Seda, I came to one very important conclusion – the best business plans are the simplest ones.

That is why I’ve used my experience as business owner and the insights I gained in working with existing and startup entrepreneurs to create a new planning tool called the Flow Canvas.

I’ve used this tool over the past five years with hundreds of entrepreneurs from here in South Africa and various other countries such as New Zealand, India, Brazil, Germany, Norway and the USA. I’ve used it with sophisticated tech companies and I’ve used it with people running basic gardening businesses.

The good news is that a new online version is now live, making it available to many more people – including you!

And we have set up a special offer for you as SME Toolkit user or Business Partners client – you qualify for a 25% discount on the Quick Planner Tool!

Go to to read more or click here to get the tool. Use the Coupon Code “1412smetoolkit25” to use this special offer.

Christoff Oosthuysen in a leading entrepreneurial coach and trainer, and also publisher of Small Business Connect.

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