Receiving Feedback from Employees

Employee morale problems can be the result of any number of workplace problems. If employees don't like a particular supervisor, or feel that their work isn't appreciated, results will suffer. Getting to the root of the problem is sometimes a challenge. In many instances, the only way to get at it is to ask your employees to tell you. This can be a difficult situation for you and for them. On the one hand, you can gain valuable information about how to increase your employees' job satisfaction. On the other, you might have to face the fact that something that you do is a source of problems. An employee is faced with similar concerns. Should they offer honest criticism and risk retaliation, or keep silent?

For supervisors to improve and make appropriate decisions concerning their behavior and management practices, they need accurate information about how their employees currently see them functioning. To do that, you could use the SKS method: simply ask your team/staff what you should stop (S), keep (K), and start (S) doing.

The tool you can download below provides some tips on how to ask and receive feedback to improve your relationship with your employees, as well as their motivation and performance. You may adapt it to your business needs and employment conditions.

ICON_WORD.gif Receiving Feedback from Employees


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