Recommended reading: Of Course You Can!

A practical guide to starting and managing your own successful business in South Africa.OfCourseYouCan_CNT.jpg

Book review

I enjoyed reading and working through this book. It is well written, easy to understand and full of practical, implementable advice.

The book provides notes pages, as well as space to complete self-assessments on some of the material.

Topics covered include, among others:

  • Terminology;
  • Swot analysis;
  • Taking your idea to market;
  • Image and branding;
  • Banking and finance;
  • Statutory returns;
  • Working from home; and so much more.

From the mouth of the author Brian Adams: “Hundreds of books have been written about starting and running businesses and I’ve read quite a few of them over the past thirty years … I have tried to fast track things for you by cherry picking the timeless gems … I have tried to weave the lessons learned with my own experiences to produce a tapestry which I hope will be of value …

The best part of this book for me is the price – only R120 including VAT. To order, email


This book review was provided by Petro Bothma – Assistant General Manager, Enterprise Development (Business Partners Limited).


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