The Revised B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice


The Revised Codes have reduced the Generic Scorecard elements from 7 to 5 by combining Management Control and Employment Equity into one element and doing the same for Preferential Procurement and Enterprise Development. Additionally, a portion of the old Enterprise Development element has been limited to Supplier Development.

While the old codes focus purely on job creation, the new codes place greater emphasis on learning and skills development. This is seen in the fact that bonus points may be awarded to enterprises that have internship or graduate programmes. In the new codes, businesses are also incentivised to conduct business with other compliant enterprises.

The difference between the 2007 BEE Scorecard and the 2013 Scorecard is shown in the table below.

2007 B-BBEE Codes2013 B-BBEE Codes
Management Control101Management Control154
Employment Equity153Skills Development205
Skills Development15 Supplier & Enterprise Development404
Preferential Procurement20 Socio-Economic Development5 
Enterprise Development15    
Socio-Economic Development5    
Total1007 10513

You can download the revised B-BBEE Codes from the Department of Trade and Industry website.



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