South African Business Coalition on Health & Aids

SABCOHA’s strategic goal at inception was to co-ordinate the South African business sector in the development of strategies to create a platform for high-level advocacy and leadership and to develop policies and programmes based on universal good practice that can be applied both in and outside the workplace.

SABCOHA exists to mobilise and empower business in South Africa to take effective action on Health and AIDS in the workplace and beyond.

SABCOHA seeks to mitigate the impact of Health and AIDS on sustained profitability and economic growth by ensuring that business is a key part of an integrated effective national response to Health and AIDS.

SABCOHA aims to co-ordinate a private sector response to Health, and more specifically the TB and AIDS epidemics. It is a member-based organisation, including service providers who have joined forces in the private sector initiative to combat Health and AIDS.

One of SABCOHA’s key functions is to forge partnerships with Government and other players, such as the business community, development sector and international arena. The scale of the HIV and AIDS pandemic alone called for consolidated, co-ordinated and collaborative responses. SABCOHA facilitates the creation and sharing of best practice models for workplace Health and AIDS initiatives in the business community. To this end, a number of mutually beneficial partnerships now exist with Government, local and international organisations.

Current goals:

  • To integrate TB into relevant and appropriate existing products and services aimed at strengthening private sector capacity to implement good practices and report achievements.
  • To leverage already well-established stakeholder networks and partnerships across industries and provinces, specifically but not limited to the mining and transport sectors.
  • Respond to the pledge signed in November 2014 in Gert Sibande and facilitate the private sector response to the pledge
  • Facilitate active Public Private Partnerships.

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