Support Programme for Industrial Innovation (SPII)

The Support Programme for Industrial Innovation (SPII) is designed to promote technology development in South Africa’s industry, through the provision of financial assistance for the development of innovative products and/or processes. SPII is focussed specifically on the development phase, which begins at the conclusion of basic research and ends at the point when a pre-production prototype has been produced.

The SPII offers two schemes namely, the:

  • SPII Product Process Development (PPD) Scheme; and
  • SPII Matching Scheme.

Criteria for SPII Support:

  • Development should represent significant advance in technology;
  • Development and subsequent production must take place within South Africa;
  • Intellectual Property to reside in South African registered company;
  • Participating businesses should (must) be South African registered enterprises;
  • Government funded institutions (e.g. CSIR) do not directly qualify for support but may participate as subcontractor(s) and;
  • No simultaneous applications from the same company.


For more information, contact:


Tel: 0861 843 384


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