Technology for Women in Business

Technology for Women in Business (TWIB) was introduced to accelerate women's economic empowerment and the development of women-owned enterprises through the recognition of technology-based business applications and systems, and to unlock constraints to enterprise innovation and growth as well as global competitiveness.

The awards are part of the broader TWIB vision of linking women with relevant science and technology-driven business solutions that will improve their business creativity and potential, and reward those women who have used technology to grow their business.

TWIB targets women entrepreneurs who use enterprising technological innovations to increase the production and enhance the quality of their products. Their business must be a profit-making enterprise that demonstrates diffusion of technology.

The TWIB Awards are held every year. TWIB calls for nominations to be done through advertisements placed in national newspapers as well as on the dtiwebsite. The judging or selection process is handled by an independent panel of judges/adjudicators appointed by the Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry. Prizes range from ICT business solutions to entrepreneurial support.


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