Three great ways for you to travel to work without using your car

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Are you looking for different ways to travel to work without having to drive your car? There are many different ways for you to do so, whether it’s to save on petrol or because you don’t want to deal with parking every day. By not travelling by car to work you could save some money on petrol and parking tickets which can be a pain.

Not using your vehicle when you’re going to work is also a good way to keep your health in check. There are so many people who use their vehicles every single day and never exercise, which negatively affects your health as time goes on.

Finding other means to travel to work could be a great way of staying fit and healthy without going to the gym. Not driving to work every day can also lower your stress levels caused by road rage which can be frustrating especially in the morning. If you are looking for tips on how you can travel to work that would work best for you, then read our tips below.

Walk to work

Walking is the easiest and most affordable way to go to work, and not to mention the health benefits of walking – it can help reduce body fat, works on your bone strength. Besides the health benefits, there are quite a few advantages to walking to work, including saving money (because walking is free!) and you won’t need to worry about traffic or parking space.

You can also learn your way around the neighbourhood and know your surroundings. If you live quite close to work it might not be a bad idea. But keep in mind that it can be very tiring and you would need to have a pair of comfortable shoes that you can walk in. Walking is also the slowest form of transportation, so always keep the distance in mind before to make sure you will be on time. The weather is also a big issue when walking, really hot summer can leave you sweating which could seem unprofessional at work. And winters can be dreadful especially when there is a storm.

Buy yourself an e-bike

Riding a bicycle is a great alternative to travel to work, it is an affordable and good form of exercise. It is also better than walking as it is much faster. But normal bikes can often leave you tired and sweaty by the time that you go to work. If you’re planning on using a bicycle for work why not consider an electric bicycle?

Electric bikes have great quality and are perfect for travelling to work because e-bikes use less power needed for paddling, which avoids you arriving to work all sweaty and out of breath. The one thing so many car drivers hate is car parking, with an electric bike you won’t have to worry about that because it’s easy to park.

You would no longer stay in traffic, allowing you to arrive at work on time every day. Additionally, there are health and environmental benefits of using an e-bike. With you using a bicycle to work rather than your car, you reduce pollutions. You become healthier as you can still use the pedals but if you’re tired you could use the electric assist to finish your drive to work. If you enjoy mountain biking you could also purchase an electric mountain bike.

Public transport

Lastly, you could take public transport, you could either take a taxi, train or bus. All these options are affordable however they also have their own drawbacks. There can always be an issue with public transport such as a strike or delay so you should always be prepared for that. But you’re able to go anywhere with public transport and you can relax, read a book as you aren’t the one driving. You also don’t need to worry about parking as you would if you were using your own car.

A disadvantage of using public transport is that they often are available for a limited time period. This can be a big issue as you would need to always make sure you travel within those times. You won’t be able to stay late at work as there might not be a taxi that will come to your area in the evening. But you could always call a private car to come and pick you up. That, however, will be more expensive and you might not be able to do that every time.

Final thoughts

There are many ways for you to go to work without using a vehicle. If a car is too expensive for you or too much maintenance then look at these three options and see which one works best for you.


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