Top tips on how you can run an eco-friendly business

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Running an eco-friendly business is always a great thing, not only for the environment, but you can also bring in a new target market towards your business. Over the years, people have become more conscious about the environment and how natural resources are being used by people and big companies. This is why it could increase your business sales and reputation once you start being eco-friendly. In order for your business to become eco-friendly here are top tips to read that can make the transition much easier.

Create awareness

When planning to run an eco-friendly business, you need to create awareness amongst your employees. Often times some of your employees aren’t aware or know how to save and be eco-friendly. But creating awareness can be a good thing for your employees and your business.

You could have an awareness day where you explain the importance of being environmentally conscious and find out, from your employees, how your business could implement this. Your awareness campaign could also influence your employees, making them environmentally friendly in the workplace and at home.

Start by taking small steps within the office

There are many ways your business could be eco-friendly, however, we often don't take the small things into account. For example, businesses could cut down on the use of paper, paper clips, pens, and other items, and rather use technology. Technology has made it so much simpler for businesses as you can do your work and save it online, which is also safer as you have fewer chances of losing your work.

If you really need to print out work, you could set your printer to print on both sides. That way you can save more paper, instead of printing on one side. Your business can also use recycling bins around the premises, especially in the kitchen. Recycling bins ensure that your business recycles things rather than throwing them away. Your business could also start using green cleaning products as it will benefit the environment and it is a healthier option for the people who work for you.

Reduce your business' water usage

Water is one of the most important natural resources that we have. Business uses a large amount of water and it is important that business start reducing water consumption. There are many ways your business can save water. For example, there are purification systems which could use wastewater and purify it making it a potable water supply.

Another great way for your business to become eco-friendly would be by investing in a water treatment and purification plants. Water treatment plants ensure that the water being used by your business is treated and all the chemicals, which cause bacteria and viruses are removed before it goes back into water sources.

Water management isn’t only good for your the environment but it is also a cost-saving as your business is able to reduce your water bill. Business requires a large amount of money and being able to save money is a great thing, and the money could be used elsewhere.

Stop the use of plastic bottles

Everyone needs water and many employees buy water on a daily basis. But the problem with this is that these plastic bottles are rarely reused. As a business owner, you could install a water filtration system. This is great as your employees won’t need to purchase a water bottle, reducing the amount of plastic waste on the earth.

Save energy consumption levels

Energy consumption is very high in a business environment, things like computers, printers, fridges, and other equipment, use a large amount of electricity. A good way for your business to reduce its general energy consumption is if your business purchased energy saving lights.

Just as water treatment plants save water, eco-friendly light bulbs will save energy and lower your business electricity bills. Your business should also invest in renewal energy sources, for example, your business could use solar energy power to heat up water and for led technology.

Give back to the community

Before you throw anything away, whether it is old furniture or equipment you should donate those items. There are many people who are in need instead of adding it into the waste stream. Being conscious is about caring for the environment and the people living in it, so if your business hasn’t anything to offer those in need then your business should do that.

Final thoughts

Becoming an eco-friendly business is beneficial for your company as you save money and the environment by simply cutting back on the consumption of natural resources. Being conscious of the environment can also bring in money for your business. People around the world are becoming more eco-friendly and would prefer to support and spend their money on a business that shares the same values and beliefs as theirs.


The content in this article was provided by Rogerwilco – a South African marketing agency based in Cape Town.

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