Top trends to watch for office coffee

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If you are a business owner or manager, the chances are that your office has a coffee machine. And if there is no fancy machine in your office supplying the coffee, there is likely a kettle and a jar of high-quality grounds that office folk use to get their daily caffeine fix. But coffee is so much more than just a way to alleviate the afternoon slump or wake up in the morning.

There are trends to watch out for when it comes to office coffee, from cold brewing to coffee meetings between clients and businesses. These trends are important to watch out for, especially when it comes to your office, as keeping your kitchen and coffee up-to-date can help to keep your staff happy too. You will notice that having coffee in the workplace can help immensely with productivity too. So, keep reading for some of the top coffee trends to look out for your office.

Cool your jets

Cold brew coffee is becoming big news for the daily grind, but not many people are entirely sure about what it is. Simply put, cold brew coffee entails soaking coffee beans overnight in room temperature or cold water before grinding them into a sweet and flavourful drink.

This method means there is greater oxidisation, making for a sweeter and fuller flavour without the bitterness of normal beans and grounds. You could work on an office project with your staff by soaking beans overnight and making cold brew coffee for everyone to enjoy, or you could contact a supplier and organise for cold brew coffee to be delivered to your offices as an alternative to its hot counterpart, perfect for South Africa’s sunnier weather.

Amping up the instant

Instant coffee still has its place among coffee connoisseurs, especially delectable blends like Nescafé Gold. Many people enjoy having a quick cup of coffee in the mornings without having to worry about grinding beans and frothing milk. So investing in high-quality instant coffee is vital for your employees.

You could opt for a variety of different blends and brands or you could ask your employees which brands they prefer and offer the one which is most popular. Instant coffee is simple and easy to make, which also means that your staff will spend less time in the kitchen making coffee. However, this does not mean that you should compromise on the quality of the instant grounds as your employees will still appreciate a tasty brew.

Keep it simple

While some of us do enjoy a caramel-butterscotch-double-foam-macchiato, most people prefer their coffee to be simple and straightforward. This means that if you purchase a coffee machine for your office, you should opt for one that offers simple drink options as well as more complicated ones.

It is important to cater to everyone in your office, as you might find those who prefer a simple flat white are unable to have their drink of choice in the morning. If you have the funds, you could opt for two separate machines so that there is not a bottleneck of people trying to make their perfect drink. If you keep it simple then you will please all of your employees.

Pour it over

Pour-over coffee is an emerging trend in some offices, especially those that take the heavenly bean seriously. A pour-over coffee machine, or chemex, is a glass vessel that is topped with filter paper and used to pour coffee out once the grounds have filtered through the paper and hot water.

People enjoy this brewing method because it is gentle on the grounds and allows the flavour to become fuller and more nuanced. You could train your staff in how to create the perfect pour-over coffee or ask for a barista to come in once a week to create some for employees. Be sure to choose high-quality grounds for this method, as they will provide the perfect flavour and mouth-feel or you could grind beans fresh every morning for the perfect aromatic cup of coffee.

Lighten the lactose

Some of your employees might not be able to handle dairy, which means that you should invest in non-dairy or lactose-free milk options. While these might not froth up as well as dairy milk, they are important for those who cannot handle the lactose in cow’s milk. You could opt for soya, almond, rice, or even oat milk as options.

Be sure to ask your employees for their preferences, as some might not enjoy the taste of soy milk or almond milk. It is important to store this milk properly, so make space in your office fridge for the non-dairy options. This will show that you respect your employees and will allow the dairy-milk drinkers to use their milk without encroaching on the other options. You could even invest in flavoured dairy-free milk for added pizzazz for the coffee.


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