Ways your business can help victims of a natural disaster

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Natural disasters happen on a daily basis. And while you might want to pay your dues and support those in need, it’s not always easy going about disaster relief donations.

It is a sad reality that, in many parts of the world, young children, women and men suffer due to natural disasters. During these difficult times, it might be difficult to think of ways to help cyclone victims. But, there are several approaches your organisation can take.

Giving back can help boost employee morale and increase positive marketing to your business, and the cause. Your business might also help influence a large number of people to help victims of a natural disaster. Always remember that the little you do goes a long way. Read below on how your business can play a role in helping survivors of natural disasters.

Do thorough research

Educate yourself about the cause. You won’t be of any assistance if you don’t know anything about what is happening, and your relief efforts will go unnoticed. This is especially important when making donations for natural disasters, as it is a sensitive matter. You need to ensure you know what is happening and how civilians have been affected by the disaster.

Your findings will give you an idea of what your business can do to help. If you want your donation to count, the only way of doing that is by listening. So, take the time to contact the organisation which is in charge of the disaster relief help and find out what they need.

Visit their website to see what they do, how they have helped in the past and what they need currently. Keep in mind that during a natural disaster, monetary donations are needed the most. Those donations will ensure medical care and provide water and food for the children and families.

Monetary donations

When choosing to make donations for disaster relief, your donation should be a monetary donation. This will ensure that emergency response teams can get all the items they need to save people's lives. For example, many civilians are suffering from illness and malnutrition. Your donations can help them get the food that is packed with the nutrients they need.

Only doctors will know exactly what type of food is necessitated; therefore, it would be in their best interest for you to make donations instead of bringing canned food.

When a disaster strikes, you will never know what they will need at that moment. So, in order for your donation to have an impact, rather resort to monetary donations, and at a later stage, your staff could bring old clothes and toys for the families affected.

Host a charity function

If you desire to do more than simply give money to a charity organisation, you can host an event. This will allow your business to raise money for those in need, and also create brand awareness around the charity organisation. This will ensure that people are aware of the charity, allowing more people to make contributions. An event is an effective way of getting the appropriate people to donate to the cause. When your associate can see the difference you’re making, they might be interested in making donations.

Have your employees pledge their birthdays

Employees love being involved in business activities and it makes them feel appreciated. So why not let your employees pledge their birthdays. Talk to your staff about the natural disaster and how families have been affected. Inform them that they can pledge their birthday, they can also have their family and friends donate money to the organisation too.

Your employees don’t need to make a big donation, but if the majority of your workers partake in this, there could be a large amount of money going to the relief organisations to help more survivors. Always remember that the smallest gesture can go a long way.

Multiyear pledge initiative

If you want to support an organisation for the long term, your business can be a part of the multiyear pledge initiative. This initiative allows your company to make donations for three to five years. This will have a significant impact and can help emergency response teams achieve more. A multiyear pledge initiative will also assist them in acting fast during an emergency, and potentially lowering the death toll of civilians who have lost their lives.

SMS to donate

Another initiative is by joining an SMS group contribution. Just like pledging your birthday, your employees can also be a part of the initiative. You can decide on what amount you and your employees can donate every month. The SMS’s range from R15 to R30. Although it might seem like a small amount, if 200 employees, including yourself and other shareholders, contribute each month, it will add up. Always keep in mind that the smallest donation can go a long way and what matters is that your business is playing its part.


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