Why you should consider complaint line management services for your business

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As much as we would like to believe our business is the best and offers our clients the service they deserve. There are times when things can go horribly wrong during the customer journey and it is sometimes out of our hands.

Either the customer satisfaction was the issue or they received the wrong product or service. Things like that happen every day and as much as businesses strive to make their clients happy there are times when that isn't achievable.

There are many reasons why your business should consider customer complaint line management services and there are many benefits that come with it. Read our reasons below on why you should consider an outsourcing service for your business.

Saves your relationship with your customer

It is important that you have a good customer relationship and having a complaints line will help maintain the relationship. As we all know that there will always be dissatisfied clients and customers and once it’s left unresolved it can lead to bigger problems. Handling customer complaints should always be a top priority. If it is left unresolved, it will be hard for you to retain a customer or even keep the valuable customers you have. If there is no customer relationship management your business will suffer and loose sales.

Building trust between your business and your customers

Customer experience is important for any business and it needs to be nurtured. Hiring an outsourcing company to handle your customer's complaints is a great way of solving the issue without directly being involved.

Many businesses don’t have trained staff, software, or office space for a customer service call centre. It requires a large amount of money that many businesses struggle to afford. Outsourcing your customer service allows your business to save money because you won’t need to train staff, purchase software, or additional office space. The outsourcing company can answer all phone call issues regarding your business products or services.

A line management outsourcing company that manages customer complaints will be able to handle issues customers throw at them because they are trained to do so.

Relieves work pressure on your employees

Outsourcing your complaints to a customer complaints line management company will relieve your employees. Your staff is busy every day trying to reach deadlines and assist your clients.

It would be hard for your employees to also have to deal with complaints especially because they aren’t trained for that specific role. This will create an unnecessary backlog for your business, your customers might go days without being heard which will be detrimental for a business.

Having the calls outsourced makes it easier because there will be a direct hotline for complaints. Allowing them to be dealt with immediately leaving your customers happy and your business safe.

Happy customers bring in more money

Customer feedback is important and without dealing with their issues then chances of your business getting good feedback are slim. If your customers are happy then they will put in a good word for you to their friends, which will ideally bring you more business. Word of mouth still has a big impact on a business if your customers are happy then you won’t need to worry about bad reviews.

Many people read reviews before using a product or trying out a business service. If your business has many bad reviews then your chances of gaining new customers are grim.

Offers you insightful information based on your business needs

A huge benefit of having a complaints hotline is that you can get information that can assist you in growing your business. When you outsource calls, the outsourcing company’s main priority is to handle complaints and make reports on those issues. If your employees were to handle that they might not get all the information you would need to better your company.

But having it outsourced and having trained professionals to handle complaints, allows you to have a good idea of what the issues are. You will be able to pinpoint queries and complaints that keep arising, therefore, you will be able to solve them. Solving issues that customers have complained about is a great way to boost brand loyalty and that's what every business aims to achieve.

Final thought

It is imperative that every business has a complaints line and it makes everything easier for you. It helps you have a better understanding of your customer's complaints and needs. It helps you understand where your business is lacking and how your business can fix it. If your business does not have a complaints line how will your business grow and retain customers? It is expensive but it doesn’t have to be, this is why you can outsource certain things that aren’t core business functions.


The content in this article was provided by Rogerwilco – a South African marketing agency based in Cape Town.

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